Talk with Up to 200 People for Free with Popcorn Buzz

Talk with Up to 200 People for Free with Popcorn Buzz

You will be able to talk with up to 200 people for free, when you move into the group calling with Popcorn Buzz offered by LINE messenger app. It was from Japan that LINE messaging app started its operation and it is now adding group calling into its always-expanding Internet services.

The Popcorn Buzz service is entering a crowded market for group calling services including lots of conference calling businesses, along with Kakao Talk, Google, Skype and many more. If you are a bit more skeptical, the publicity stunt or twist here is that this service that allows you add up to 200 people to the call is totally free. With an iOS to come very soon, the service is now live on Android worldwide.

The ability to talk with a pre-set LINE chat group and the group video chat will also be introduced to the app very soon. LINE messaging app seems to be pitching the would-be business also, while much of what the app has launched to date has been squarely aimed towards the consumer market. The new Popcorn Buzz can be used to catch up with classmates, talk with family and friends, make plans with club members and many more. Above all, the Popcorn Buzz is just an ideal replacement for the present company notes and paid business-grade conference call services.

It accommodates both business and personal usage and all for free. Even though it was not specified, but the feeling is that LINE will not be adding a quality of service assurance on the 200-person calls for business users contemplating this service.

LINE is still coming behind other messaging services such as Facebook and WhatApp Messengers in terms of size, even with its 205 million users and a heavy concentration in its Japan home market along with a handful of other countries in Asia. Nevertheless, it has been striving to make up for it by simply expending into many different features beyond the vital messaging.

Using each of these other services or apps like TV, shopping, photo editing, a dictionary, gaming and possibly music very soon, to draw in new people who have joined via its basic managing offer or increase engagement with existing users in the main app, is just the idea. Afterwards, the company generates revenue by way of extras such as stickers as well as other commissions in the apps. You can share a call with LINE and non-LINE users by way of a URL, even as you have to register with LINE to initiate a call. Users who are on LINE already can sync up their LINE contacts in Popcorn Buzz.

The icon will light up whenever a participant talks as far as other group calling services such as Uber conference and others are concerned. The languages for Popcorn Buzz are Vietnamese, Turkish, Thai, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Indonesian, German, French, English, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Arabic

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