Review Of Line Messenger: Free Calls And Text

Review Of Line Messenger: Free Calls And Text

IM applications are increasingly being designed to provide a mixture of social, voice and text functions in one neat package. Line messenger is one particular feature-loaded application that supports all leading mobile platforms. Built by the Japanese arm of Naver, the application continues to be fairly popular in US, China, United kingdom along with other south-east Asian nations. We’ve examined Line messenger for the Android platform. Read onto understand how it costs in the fierce competitive space of socially-inclined IM applications.

LINE Interface

Unlike WhatsApp, which will come with simply no extras, Line messenger includes a comprehensive group of features. In spite to be packed with features, the interface of the Line application is fairly neat. The home page clearly signifies that Line is a social texting application with sections like Buddies, Chat, Timeline, and much more. Under more, you will find Configurations, number of games, Sticker shop and Line Camera. Symbols for Line games and Line Camera are integrated within the application. When you click them, the application will re-route customers to the application store to download them.

Call and message interface

To start with, it’s possible to edit the account by selecting the display title and uploading a photo. However, much like Facebook, there’s a protective cover image in accessory for the display photo. However, it’s instantly set by Line messenger having a random image. There’s an “add a friend” icon on the upper right corner of the home page. This icon opens up to and including comprehensive page to steer and permit customers to include buddies and make groups. Here, additionally, you will find options like “Shake it” and “Barcode scanning”. The “Friends” section instantly populates with your buddies who’re using the Line application. Others can be asked via SMS or email. When you tap on the title in the “Friends” section, the pop-up box shows choices to chat or create a free telephone call to that particular person. The interface also shows the Timeline section, which allows you develop posts as well as view posts posted from your buddies.

All in all, the interface is clever and simple. Moving across the application won’t be an issue.

LINE Features

To begin, customers will need to register using their telephone number. Once the number is verified, Line messenger will request customers to accept a group of conditions and terms. It will likewise display the optional email registration screen. If you opt to register via email, it can help to gain access to profile info, buddies info,etc. even when you alter the telephone number or device.

In the Buddies section, you are able to mark frequently utilized amounts as Favs to ensure that they’ll be placed in another readily available group. The Shake it option helps search for other Line messenger customers in the vicinity by utilizing the location information of the device.

Timeline feature for Line

On adding a buddy, you are able to instantly start a chat or make free calls. Much like the majority of the messengers, Line messenger allows user send contact details, location sharing, voice chat, videos & photos from the gallery or perhaps a freshly clicked on picture using the phone gallery or Line Camera application. While texting, it features a host of emoticons, emoji  and stickers. In fact, a distinctive feature of the application is the capability to gift awesome stickers to other people.

We made free voice calls within the city also to buddies in other states over Wi-Fi. One needs to keep in mind that there’s no free lunch. So ensure that you’ve a good Internet plan if you’re making calls over 3rd generation.

The Timeline allows customers publish updates, videos, urls, location details and videos and much more. It’s much like posting updates on FB. The phone won’t show any notices of the timeline or perhaps new buddies unless of course you open the Line application. But when you open the application, it notifies the updates just like Facebook. You will find choices to Like and post a comment too.


The Line application is sort of a complete package for text texting and making free calls. It’s packed with features as well as adds a social position with the Timeline option. Lastly, the call quality with Skype or Viber is more preferable than Line. Line doesn’t need the user to be on line to make the call and buddies can be added without line id’s. Line messenger is rather easy and simple. In the end, Line is an extremely decent attempt for developing a socially-inclined im application and certainly worth a go.

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