Make your Phone your Own! Home Screen Customization App “LINE Launcher” Released!

Make your Phone your Own! Home Screen Customization App “LINE Launcher” Released!

LINE Launcher, is an Android home app for screen customization. This app gives your instantaneous phone makeovers. Finally, it has entered into the market, and you will now experience the best from your phone. Line launcher app gives you the option to choose from over 3,000 free themes. You may also use your pictures to make original icons that are only for you as all controls are at your disposal.4

Also comes with a drawer customization functionality. This application has got something for everyone who wants to tune fine their smartphones.

LINE Launcher app is ideal for:

– Customization of smartphone’s home screen in a flash.

– Making a home screen that have a perfect combination of your favorite gallery.

– Customizing a home screen using the Swiss army knife that’s worth of widgets.

You can choose from over 3,000 themes that are available to switch in between your command LINE. This Launcher comes packed with many themes that are cute, stylish, and also smart. It also features the beloved LINE friends themes. With over three thousand themes to choose from, you’ll be certain to find at least one that enhances your fancy. Its just3 taps, and you will consider the job done.

How to Use LINE Launcher

  1. Startup LINE Launcher and select a theme from the “Theme shop.”
  2. Tap the Download button.
  3. Choose “Change Icons” or “Change All.”

In need for decorator? You will search no more if you have this app.  You will be able to decorate Your Home Screen with photos and Stickers. This app gives you the opportunity to decorate your home screen with stickers just the way you love it to appear. Moreover, the app allows you to customize apps and bookmark icons.

You can set up a group chat screen to your home screen, in this way you’ll always be in touch with those that you consider important to you. Besides customization, you can also use photos that you saved on your phone to customize your stickers and icons.  This app is ideal for pet lovers who yearn to have their favorite icons and stickers fill up their smartphone to the brim. Furthermore, LINE Launcher also makes your phone pretty on its exterior makeup. Line launcher also has a full suite of powerful widgets as well.

It’s an amazing app that also permit you to add a memory cleaner to your home screen is the right app to use when you’re looking to free a little volume or tune-up your phone. More so, you’ll be able to turbo-charge the drawer of your smartphone. Sort out your apps based on the frequency that you use them. You also have the freedom to hide apps that you don’t want to see, or uninstall the ones you don’t use. You can also make new folders and many more functions. It’s certain that with LINE Launcher, the experiences are indeed endless. This is the app for all, whether you’re searching for a function that adds utility to your phone, LINE Launcher’s got you covered. Line launcher gives a premium esteem just like when you have a new smartphone every day. The advantage of this app is that it’s free.

Download Line Launcher for Android

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