Line Messenger is developing the AI and Amazon Echo speaker features

Line Messenger is developing the AI and Amazon Echo speaker features

The messaging app named Line is taking part out of the Amazon, Google, and other platforms services after it has released its own artificial intelligence system. An audio controlling service known as Clova (Cloud Virtual Assistant) is the central part of this services, same like Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Assistant.

Other than the assistant feature which lies in the main Line messaging app, the company stated that it has planned to launch the hardware which supports Clova, same as Amazon and Google have done before, and it will work with 3rd parties to unite the services into an extra hardware.

Also, amazingly, Line has got the major stake in the Japanese firm behind a “holographic” artificial intelligence service. Vinclu is the starting one, and its Gatebox is a virtual robot which gives artificial intelligence a graphical vision in style of the famous Japanese female cartoon character manga. The Gatebox’s holographic assistant is audio activated and utilizes the wide range of sensors for interacting with the device’s operator in a real-time manner while joining the other devices too in your home.

There is no way to explain that what Line is particularly planning to do with Gatebox, however, the messaging app has told that it is going to introduce Clova to the app and start selling the Clova controlled smart speakers in Korea and Japan in coming summer. The first implementation of Clova on the app will let the type of things which other artificial intelligent apps do, like getting news, weather updates, music streaming, etc.

At the start, the company will develop the Clova services and the artificial intelligent platforms for both hardware and software up to the 3rd parties. After this, the tasks will get complex and hard. As the company stated that the objective is to make a thriving ecosystem of content, products, and services with a variety of partners, permitting the Clova to grow and flourish with time.

The Line’s foray is into the artificial intelligence genuinely, but Line is the foremost messaging app which has made the consistent push towards its goal. While an artificial intelligence may help in increasing the interaction with current users, it doesn’t look like a bridge to bring up some new users into the flow, and that is the main issue which Line is currently facing with.

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