Line Fresh New Chat Application Connects Businesses with Customers

Line Fresh New Chat Application Connects Businesses with Customers

Line Presents Fresh Chat Application That Will Help Connect Brands & Businesses with Their Customers. Line, a popular messaging app firm has launched their new service which allows SMEs, brands, & other companies to use its platform & connect with their consumers. The Line application which is currently available for Android and Apple devices is basically an enterprise-based version of the company’s standard chat application.  At the moment, the application has around 170M active users across the globe.

The latest feature will be free for usage however the company is charging its customers for the searchable, vanity identification (this is priced at $24 during the first 12 months, & $12 thereafter) whereas free accounts are restricted to transferring one thousand messages each month. People who are wishing for more are required to pay $50 each month for sending 50,000 extra messages, while messages above that pack will be charged at $0.01 each.

The line application is already open for business & brands thru the company’s ‘official’ account choice, however it costs a huge amount in order to set up & use an exclusive account leaving a number of businesses priced out. In the nations like Taiwan, Japan, & Thailand, where this application dominates the market, small dealers & SMEs have already accepted the customer version of this application for their companies, however while doing so they combine work as well as personal contacts within the same location. This is exactly the matter which the company wants to deal with. Besides, it lets the users to create a business as well as personal account onto the service.

Line is basically the firm’s response to the FB Pages, with the only exception that it lets for closer individual communication amongst business or brand with their followers or customers. In addition, there’s a desktop version for the app as well.

Line’s customer application features Windows as well as Mac apps. It also provides users with a variety of other services such as surveys & polls, nonetheless the mobile application is the major emphasis here for sure.

Line offers its service in all parts of the worldwide. The only exception to this is China. It offers users with 14 languages, which include English, Korean, Russian, Japan, Thai & French.

WeChat, which is the most popular chat application in the Chinese markets counts as much as 500M active users, has already made their application suitable for the business users. The past Sep, enterprise accounts were made available for all the businesses , while in the early part of 2014 a mobile store facility & the payment service was presented to all the companies. The above elements in combination with one another allow the businesses to manage their company as well as communications thru the service.

On the other hand, Line has launched its payment service as well & despite the fact that it’s dabbling within its personal shopping version, it’s likely to drive an online to offline plan which will let the retailers to create a presence as well as converse with their followers and fans with the help of its mobile messaging service. This gives them a definite access point, away from the “out of budget” official accounts. This is a very essential step.

Nevertheless, Line has been struggling to dominate the market places outside Japan, Thailand & Taiwan. A shortage of the users within a particular country can make it tough to retail the requirement for Line for brands & businesses. As a result, it is yet to be seen how the latest application will be accepted. The company is determined on grow its user database outside a messaging platform thru games. Lately, the company presented a $42M fund which will focus on turning their service into a life style platform.

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