LINE 5.2.0 APK is a Good Quality Free Voice and Video Calls

LINE 5.2.0 APK is a Good Quality Free Voice and Video Calls

The origin of LINE messenger has the most interesting history among the number of apps that have come into being. LINE 5.2.0 APK is the latest edition of LINE messenger app and it is nothing but a good quality free voice and video calls application.

This latest 5.2.0 version of LINE messenger application can be downloaded from the official website for free. It comes with a lot of new enhancements and bug fixes in contrast to the preceding versions.

Another new feature referred to as Popcorn Buzz has also been developed and it gives room for, group chats with up to 200 people. On the other hand, the user interface also looks neat and less disorderly, not to talk about the capability to include these group chats to the favorites section.

The developers of LINE messenger app had no idea that the app would gain popularity so fast, when it was released as the servers went into an overload mode and then stopped functioning.

This was the earliest sign that the company without any doubt needed to develop, which they eventually did. By 2015, LINE has reached 700 million users. Apart from this development, the company came up with an off-spin group referred to as LINE Corporation that runs the affairs currently with regards to LINE.

With LINE messenger app, you have quite a number of options of adding friends. You may decide to select friends by making use of the QR ciphers, by adding the relevant LINE ID or even by shaking phones instantaneously. You can also get this particular feature on WeChat.

The software of LINE messenger app comes with smart notification systems in the form of a pop out message box such as Viber. Sharing music, videos and pictures can easily be shared while discussions can be spiced up by making use emoticons, stickers and emojis.

You can also use LINE messenger app to make video and voice calls just at data rates. In addition, users can come up with group chats with no more than 200 people. You ca also use group chats to send files and media together.

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