Get Line Here App and Share your locations to friends

Get Line Here App and Share your locations to friends

The competition in America and other European countries is tough for Line as it is going up against westerner similar app such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. Responding to this kind of condition, Line then unleashed its new feature which is a standalone application called Line Here.

Line Here App

Basically it is a location based service just like Glympse, Nokia Here, and Jink application. Usually Line users can share their location only between users, but with Line Here, people can share their location although they don't have Line ID or haven't downloaded Line app. It's simply by signing up through their Facebook Account then they can already let their friends or colleagues know about their latest position. This new app has brought fresh air to not only the Line users but also the Line non users. People no longer need to keep calling and texting others in order to know others’ location in real time The first time people use this app, they will need to create a location sharing room that can accommodate up to 200 people in each room. The users of Line Here can know their friends locations by sending them URL through Line app and Facebook in a location sharing room. They can also send the URL through SMS which will request non users to download it. Once the recipients have downloaded the link, the users will be able to track them on the map. If the recipients want not only their locations known by the users but also know the users location, they should download Line Here.

Share your locations to friends

Line Here is also complemented with timer so that people can set timer for how long Line Here share their locations to friends in a chat room. When the time is out, then they won't be able to share their location again. This later will make the users feel comfortable as they can control when to and not to share their location to keep their privacy matters. This application is now available in android and iOS. Line Here is expected to bring Line to a new level of competition and help it embrace American and European market. It also helps Line to diversify its products as it has migrated from instant messaging app into mobile services platform. Download LINE Here

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