Breaking the Messaging App Mold

Breaking the Messaging App Mold

Line has the challenging task of taking an app that has been very successful in the East and introduce it to the West with new strategies that will suit the market and a different consumer audience.

In the apps industry, it is a rarity to find an app that can be defined as one size fits all. This can be attributed to the verity apps have different users and demographics. However, Line messaging has introduced a strategy that has been found to work.

The strategy incorporates introducing features that are likely to attract a given market audience. If the feature does not work for that audience, the feature is scrapped from the app.

The Messaging App

Line Messaging is touted to be the next big thing in the Western markets. This can be attributed to the verity that the firm has adopted some strategies that are well adapted to different markets. Recognizing the needs of the customers will prove to be beneficial to the company. This has been reflected on Line app’s marketing success in the Asian market.

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